Warranty and Guarantee
The warranty period for Airplaying is 2 years for frame and 1 years for components except wearing parts. If the customer finds non-human damage within the warranty period, we will send the replacement parts free of charge. 
After warranty period, the customer has to pay replacement parts and shipping fees. All components are the same as the original parts.

One of the following conditions does NOT qualify for warranty:
1. Failure caused by the user's failure to use.
2. Users disassemble, repair and modify themselves, and failures caused by non-compliance with the rules of use.
3. Failure caused by improper use or storage by the user, or accident.
4. Vulnerable parts and consumables do not enjoy guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of fault products, including brake, plastic parts, spokes, rims, brake cables, surface scratches, etc.
6. The cost of repairing in other repair shops without the consent of the special maintenance organization.
7. Slight scratches or damage to the outer shell caused by the logistics transportation of the accessories are not warranted.
8. Scratched or broken lead fittings are not warranted.

Contact US

info@airplaying.cc (Customer Service);
Please include following information:

Platform of the purchase
Order number/ID/Date
The email and shipping address you used when placed order
Pictures/Short videos of the problems and a brief description of the problems

Please contact us and get our written approval before sending any item back. Any product returned without acceptance will not be refunded.

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